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SUPER MARIO RUN – Now Available For Your iOS Device!

Today was probably the quickest I’ve ever hit the app store! Nintendo fans and Apple device owners can rejoice: Super Mario Run, the first Nintendo mobile game that features its first-party characters like Mario is now available for download! Android users, though, will have to wait until next year before they can use it on their devices.

The app is free to download, but you only have access to a few areas of the game before you hit a $9.99 paywall. That may seem pricey to some, but I quickly realized that this is a meaty game that’s full of replay value. As is the case in all Mario games, the first few levels are easy to master. Even my 3-year-old can easily conquer them. The premise sounds a little too easy: Mario is stuck on running left-to-right through a timed side-scrolling level, and you tap on the screen to have him jump over pits, large obstacles, and high platforms. But not so fast…

The Super Mario Run challenge increases as you progress through the game; the difficulty can actually begin to rise in the very first level.

Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run Gameplay

Every world has a special set of coins that you need to find and collect, much like the red coins that we’re used to seeing in past Mario games. Except, gathering these special coins will open up a new re-arranged play-through of the same world. The initial play-through has 5 pink coins, the second has 5 purple coins, and the third and hardest play-through has 5 black coins. Nabbing these coins will not only help fill a desire to complete the game, but collecting them will also earn you Rally Tickets that you can use in the Toad Rally.

The Toad Rally is a second (free) game mode within this app where you can challenge ghost versions of other players’ play-throughs of the Rally levels. Both the main World Tour and the Toad Rally game modes allow you to collect Toads and coins that you can spend in the third game mode: Kingdom Builder (again, free), which is your own Mushroom Kingdom that you can customize.

I’ll let you discover more about Super Mario Run, but the brief details above should give you the indication that there’s a lot to this game. Your kids will love it. Mine do! This game looks, feels, and sounds much like the New Super Mario Bros. games which is sure to attract renewed attention to them and encourage sales.

Here’s a brief rundown of Super Mario Run:

  • Super Mario Run is currently available on iOS devices only. Release for Android devices is slated for 2017.
  • Internet connectivity is required for play.
  • After playing three levels in World Tour mode, you’ll be prompted to pay $9.99 before you can access more levels.
  • You can add friends, compete against them, and see friend lists.

The official Super Mario Run site is www.supermariorun.com

Super Mario Run

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