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A Snow Day is Always a Fun Day for Our Kids!

It’s a sight that most kids dream of waking up to. It certainly is in our house! When I first walked into the living room early this morning, our kids were up and had their noses glued to the window. Surprise! There was a blanket of fresh snow covering the neighborhood. It only snowed an inch or so, but that didn’t matter. All that mattered to our kids was that today was a snow day!

Breakfast and a cup of hot chocolate couldn’t come soon enough for these excited explorers. After they consumed their meal in record time, it was a sprint to the closet to fish out the snow gear. Today was actually our first snow day of the season, so their snow clothes were way in the back, but that didn’t matter. Another record was broken as they raced to get dressed; I wish they got dressed that easily ever day!

Snow Day

Once outside, the perfect sheet of powdery snow became a collection of footprints, snow angels, and snowball debris. Any birds or squirrels brave enough to step out of their warm roosts were sure to scurry off, away from the hoots and hollers of our excited adventurers.

Our swing set was also covered, but that didn’t matter. A slide is fun, but a snow-covered slide is even better!

I wasn’t so brave, though I did need to go out in the blistering cold to check on our animals. Our chickens were warm and toasty in their house, thanks to a heat lamp that we set up for them. After a seed refill for one of our bird feeders, it was my turn to break a record as I bolted back into the warm house.

Snow Day

It’s amazing how an inch of snow can ignite the fire of imagination in our kids. Our yard seems to become a totally different area for them to explore and play in. A few miles can be run within the confines of our property, and yard toys inherit a new and exciting life as attention is paid to them once again.

It will soon be time for them to come in and rest, but for them, they’ll choose to only rest physically. For the rest of the day, mom and dad will definitely hear about their new adventures, and for days we’ll be asked the same question over and over: When will it snow again?

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