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Welcome to the Do It Yourself Daddy Radiator Springs Races!

Cars Toys Radiator Springs

Oh yes, imagination is alive and well at our house! As you may know, our kids love Cars, so for years we have bought them the occasional die cast Cars toy for them to play with. They now have a decent collection, which is sure to grow once they see Cars 3. They’ve never had a decent area for a pretend Radiator Springs, other than anywhere and everywhere in the house!

That changed once we found a rather nice play rug at IKEA. It’s not an official Radiator Springs rug, but our kids pretend it is when they’re playing “Cars”. They use it for other pretend games too.

Cars Toys Radiator Springs

As you can see, our little “Radiator Springs” has some fun visitors, including a Disney monorail and a few Disney buses… just a few souvenirs from a recent trip to Disney World. You never know who or what will visit and watch our Radiator Springs races!

Cars Toys Radiator Springs

Their “Planes” toys also have a home at their Radiator Springs. The Cars and Planes toys are fantastic for recreating scenes in the movies, or for creating a whole new fun adventure. Well done Disney for making such realistic toys!

Cars Toys Radiator Springs

Keeping our house from being cluttered up with toys is a constant battle, but it certainly shows that our kids have a healthy imagination! We don’t buy them every toy imaginable, but buying a few here and there, and building our own toys, like a large cardboard box spaceship and a cardboard box gas station, helps them to play hard and to have the best pretend games… and races!

Though I would love to buy a “Tokyo Mater”. I’ve looked and looked but haven’t been able to find one…

Cars Toys Radiator Springs

Okay, the green flag is waving! It’s time for the race to begin! Or does that mean it’s time for a pit stop? You never know with our races!

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