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I’m a Dad Who Plays Barbie!

As soon as I heard about this wonderful initiative, I had to share our story! Barbie has created a tremendous campaign, #DADSWHOPLAYBARBIE, which encourages dads to make time for play with their daughters.

(Be sure to check out their webpage: http://barbie.mattel.com/en-us/about/dads-who-play-barbie.html)

As a boy, I grew up being told not to play with Barbie dolls. Now that I’m a father, that rule went out the window, and my daughters love it! They light up when I sit down to play with them.

Dads Who Play Barbie

Time spent in her imaginary world is an investment in her real world.


We have four children – two sons and two daughters – and we make sure they spend a portion of their day playing with their toys. They all have such a vibrant imagination; I’m sure they come up with the most exciting Hot Wheels races, the coolest Barbie dances, or when it comes to our 1-year-old, the funnest adventures that Fisher-Price can inspire.

When it comes to our daughters, they have lots of Barbie dolls to call their own. They’ve spent hours driving them around in their Barbie van, creating Barbie dances in a doll house that’s taller than them, or creating the best hair and fashion styles. Our daughters usually dress up in their own princess dresses too.

When I join in on the fun, I desperately try to keep up with their imaginations!

Dads Who Play Barbie

I’m a dad who feels strongly about being involved as much as I can when my kids are playing. (You might also be interested in how I teamed up with The Genius of Play to encourage play with my kids!)

The point is, the time spent with your kids, and in this case, your daughters, is an investment that only you can provide, and one that will reap great rewards.

You are building a secure foundation of confidence that will be with them for the rest of their lives.

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