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Meet The Cars 3 Character Lineup!

Cars 3 Miss Fritter

The newest installment to the Cars franchise is just around the corner, and our family couldn’t be more excited! Along with the previews and other promotional materials, we now have another great look at the movie, thanks to this new Cars 3 character lineup!

I love that we’re returning to Radiator Springs, and to our favorite town residents. It looks like pretty much everyone we know is back, along with lots of new cars. How about that Miss Fritter? Wow, she looks awesome!

Take a look at her and the rest of the Cars 3 character lineup below:

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Cars 3 toys are in stores, and they look great! Our kids have already picked out their favorites and will be adding them to their respectable collection. Mommy and daddy might go broke by this time next month!

I think one of the reasons why our kids love Cars is because they’ve literally grown up with the franchise. For us, these movies are great for our kids to watch, mainly because they’re family-friendly. Thrown in the other pluses like amazing visuals, lovable characters, and a great story, and you have the makings of a movie that our kids will always love!

Our family will be first in line when Cars 3 is released. If you see four kids all decked out in Cars apparel, you’ve found us!

You can watch Cars 3 in theaters on June 16th.

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