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Make This DIY Coffee Can Birdhouse In 15 Minutes!

DIY Coffee Can Birdhouse

Here’s a DIY coffee can birdhouse you can make in about 15 minutes! The best part? If you use scrap materials like I did, this birdhouse will cost you nothing!


o Coffee can
o Metal coat hanger
o Scrap piece of 1×4 (I used a piece of pallet wood)
o Three screws

Recommended Tools:

o Jig saw or table saw
o Drill with metal drill bit and Phillips bit
o Tape measure
o Sharpie

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Please refer to the corresponding photo above in each step.

Step 1


Drill two holes on the opposite side of the vertical seam in the can. Using a tape measure, space the holes out evenly from each end. Drill a couple of holes on the opposite side to allow for water drainage.

Step 2


Carefully unscrew the top of the coat hanger; you don’t want to break the metal.

Step 3


Thread the coat hanger through the holes from inside the can; one end of the hanger for each hole. Once the coat hanger is completely pushed through, screw the top back together… again, be careful not to break the metal.

Step 4


Lay the mouth of the can on top of your 1×4. You only want to cover half the width of the mouth of the can. Use your Sharpie to trace the half-circle onto the wood. Then, cut the half-circle out with a jig saw or table saw.

Step 5


Fit the half-circle of wood inside and make sure it aligns with the overall top and bottom of the can. Screw off the sides and bottom of the wood.

That’s it! Stretch the hanger out to your desired length, hang it in a tree or off your porch, and wait for a new bird family to move in! You can hang your new birdhouse as is or treat it as a blank canvas and give it a painted design.

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DIY Coffee Can Birdhouse

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