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DIY Pallet Wood Display With HP Sprocket Photos

This DIY pallet wood display tutorial will help you to build a simple rustic wall display that you can mount either as is, or add photos to. You can add any type of photos you like… but this tutorial will briefly showcase the wireless and versatile HP Sprocket photo printer and its cool peel-n-stick photos.


o Pallet wood planks
o 1×4
o KILZ 2
o Wood glue
o HP Sprocket

Recommended Tools:

o Miter saw
o Air compressor
o Trim nail gun w/ 1″ nails
o Tape measure
o Hammer
o Fine grit sandpaper
o 4″ Paint brush
o 1″ Paint brush

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Step 1: Wood Prep


Let’s start building our DIY pallet wood display by choosing an assortment of pallet wood planks. I’ve tried to save the nails during the prying process because nail heads add to the rustic look of the finished product. Cut the nail shafts flush with the back of the planks and remove any loose wood pieces.

Step 2: Cutting Wood


If you don’t have a miter saw, I recommend buying one. I makes it very easy to cut planks of wood.

The length that you need to cut your planks really depends on how much space you need for your letters and photos. For my wall display, I cut a total of eight planks between 22″ and 24″ long. Be careful not to cut into any nails that you’ve left in the planks.

You also need to have two cut pieces of 1×4; you’ll use those to nail the pallet wood planks onto. They will lay sideways; for the length, cut them an inch under the total width of your wall display.

Step 3: Glue & Nail Wood


Lay your two 1x4s sideways and parallel on a table, and run a nice bead of wood glue across the top of them. Then, lay your pallet wood planks on top of the 1x4s while butting them up against each other. Stagger the plank placement to further add to the overall rustic look.

A trim nailer with an air compressor are other great tools to have. I used a trim nailer with 1″ nails to fasten the pallet wood to the 1x4s.

Step 4: Paint


I used KILZ 2 for my DIY pallet wood display because not only is it a durable coating, it also gives me a nice flat grey/white finish. You may wish to use a different paint and/or color.

Dip your brush about an inch into the paint, then move your brush strokes up and down in the center of the planks. Once the centers are covered, feather the brush strokes toward the plank edges. For a rustic look, allow the wood grain to bleed through the color.

Dipping your brush in water and running over the paint will help to thin it out if necessary.

Step 5: Choosing Letters


I purchased my wood letters at Michaels. I wanted them large enough so they wouldn’t split when I nailed them to the pallet wood.

Step 6: Painting & Nailing Letters


Here’s another step that’s full of options. I chose blue for the letter color; the choice is yours.

Get your nail gun back out and use the same nails to fasten the letters to the pallet planks. Aim for the middle of the letters to reduce the risk of splitting the wood.

Mounting the display to the wall: You can add mounting hooks to the back or simply use a screw long enough to screw through the wood and drywall. Either way, make sure to hit a stud beneath the drywall.

Step 7: HP Sprocket Photos

Adding photos to your wall display is a great way to further personalize it. I found my HP Sprocket to be a great choice of photo printer for this DIY project.

Simply choose from your photo gallery (from your phone or connected social media like your Instagram gallery) via the Sprocket app, print them out, and add them to the display!

The photos are peel-n-stick, which may or may not stay on the painted wood surface. There are several ways to adhere the photos: Gluing them, tacking or stapling them, or even attaching them to clips that are mounted to the pallet wood are all possible options.

I’d love to hear how you added your photos! Feel free to leave me a comment to share your DIY pallet wood display ideas with us.

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DIY Pallet Wood Display

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