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How To Make A Simple Hat Rack

Hat Rack

Here’s a simple way to make a hat rack that can be placed in an out-of-the-way place in your closet. All you need is a 1×4 and some screws. Oh, and some hats!


o 1x4x8
o 2″ screws

Recommended Tools:

o Tape measure
o Circular saw
o Hand sander
o Cordless drill
o Torpedo level

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Step 1: Hat Rack Wood Prep & Measurements

All you should need is one 1x4x8, or you can use any scrap 1x4s if they’re long enough. I mounted my hat racks in one side of my closet. Measure the width, front wall to back wall, of the side of your closet space; this is how long your 1x4s need to be.

Step 2: Cutting & Sanding Wood

Measure and cut two pieces of 1×4 with your circular saw. Then sand every side except the back of the board to a smooth finish with your hand sander.

Step 3: Measuring For Hat Placement

Lay your planks down flat and place your hats on them as they would hang on the wall. The amount of hats to use depends on how long your planks are. I was able to use three hats side-by-side on one plank.

Mark your plank with a pencil where the mounting screw should be placed. Drill holes before you add the screws so you don’t split the wood. Add your screws.

Step 4: Mount Hat Rack

Place your first hat rack just below your clothes hanger rod, find level with your torpedo level, and screw it off. (If you screw toward the wall corners, you should hit studs behind the drywall.) Go ahead and hang some hats so you’ll know how far down to mount the second hat rack. Mount the second rack just as you did the first.

That’s it! I left my racks unpainted, but I may decide to paint them in the future. Feel free to paint yours if you like!

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