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Print, Charge, Play Music! The HP AMP 100 Printer

HP Amp 100 Printer

Disclosure: I was sent an HP AMP 100 printer for review. All opinions are my own. This article contains affiliate links.

HP has been one of my favorite brands for many years… long before I started this blog. Simply put, they know how to make great products that last for years. We have several HP laptops and other HP devices that more than meet our daily work needs.

Even though I’m very familiar with HP products, they still manage to pleasantly surprise me with awesome new technology. The HP AMP 100 is no exception.

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The new HP AMP 100 printer is downright cool. Not only is this sleek machine ultra-compact, which is extremely helpful for folks who value space, but it includes a Bluetooth speaker system! You can stream audio from your favorite music apps and even answer phone calls with a push of a button on the printer.

My kids were especially blown away by this! I surprised them when I started to play music without telling them about the printer… that was the last place they expected to hear music! I used all my apps… iTunes, Google Play, Pandora; they were probably most thrilled by the ability to link up to YouTube.

As far as the audio quality: Wow. It sounds spectacular. My wife walked in while the kids and I were watching a movie and couldn’t believe how good the sound was.

“Oh my! Is that coming from the printer!?!” she asked.

She knew about the speakers but I had them on full blast and they sounded great.

HP has also provided a little treat: There’s a Google Play $10 gift card in the box that you can redeem for Android apps and games, music, movies, and more!

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Need to charge your device? This printer gives you another opportunity to do so with a USB charging port that is conveniently located on the top.

The HP AMP 100 is a superhero when it comes to printing. The print quality is impressive; as you can see my logo in the opening image at the top of this article came out super sharp with rich color.

The immersive experience continues with the HP Smart app, found at the App Store, Google Play and Windows 10. With this app you can quickly access and print photos on your smartphone from social media, the cloud, and your camera-roll. You can also easily scan files using your camera, and share to email or the cloud from virtually anywhere. And you can easily monitor and order ink directly from the app. Nice!

The HP AMP 100 printer was launched exclusively at Walmart and retails at $129. That’s pretty inexpensive considering that you’re buying an awesome printer AND a Bluetooth speaker system, along with all the other cool extras mentioned above.

Now comes the hard part… deciding which room gets the printer. I say since I’m the daddy I get to have it at my desk, but my kids are putting in quite an effort to have it in their rooms! Maybe we’ll buy a few more. 🙂

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Click here to buy the HP AMP 100 printer at Walmart.com!
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