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Family Challenge: Siblings Playing Together

Playing Together

This article is sponsored by The Genius of Play. All opinions are my own.

As you may know, my wife and I have four kids (two boys, two girls) with very different personalities who are imaginative, energetic, and always on the move. As they play, they are always entertaining to watch and listen to and, more often than not, require either mommy or daddy to step in and referee.

That can be difficult for me at times. I am an only child who was accustomed to playing with my own toys whenever and however I wished. I can appreciate it when one or more of my kids feels the need to play alone. While any of our kids are occasionally allowed to do so, for the most part, we strongly encourage them to play together.

I’m not gonna lie: This can be challenging at times. Sometimes they don’t want to share their toys or their time alone. While all of our kids have toys that are clearly theirs, we are training them to share their toys freely and without arguments. Easier said than done!

We just keep at it, and keep on the lookout for games that our kids might enjoy playing together. One go-to resource our family uses is The Genius of Play

Playtime is essential for your child’s physical and emotional needs, and the folks at The Genius of Play are the experts at, not only ideas for what and how to play, but perhaps most importantly, why they need playtime. Experts say that playtime gives your children these six benefits: Physical, Emotional, Social, Cognitive, Creative, and Communication. All of these are essential for proper development, so be sure to give your kids plenty of opportunity for play!

One of my favorite places to visit online is The Genius of Play Play Ideas webpage. There are dozens of fun games to play, with instructions on how to get the most fun out of them. If you’re struggling for game ideas that you’re kids will enjoy playing together, you must see what The Genius of Play has thought up!

Who doesn’t love a play fort? And building it is half the fun! That’s just one of the many great play ideas that you can find over at The Genius of Play. (Fort Building)

Our play forts usually stay built for several days! They are a perfect toy clubhouse; each one of our kids bring their own collection of toys to play with (as long as they share!).

Playing Together

What games do your kids love to play, especially with their brothers and sisters? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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