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The CUJO Smart Firewall: Business-Level Internet Security For Your Home

CUJO Smart Firewall

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Technology has come a long way since I was a kid growing up in the 80’s. I remember the popularity of such items as the VCR, the cassette player, Atari, and the revolutionary Nintendo Entertainment System… items that kids today would consider ancient relics. It would be years before the appearance of the cell phone, personal computer, internet, and other devices that make the world go round today.

One thing that hasn’t changed through the years, however, are the countless unsavory individuals that seek to do harm to others and/or their property. Technology may have grown complex and sophisticated, but so has the manner in which online predators seek to hack, damage, and cripple devices and networks. Not to mention those who use the internet to try to physically harm others, including children.

Thankfully, the innovative team of researchers and engineers at CUJO have built a technological marvel that’s designed to protect every device in your home… even items on your home network that were previously left wide open to hackers, such as baby monitors and thermostats.

This superior device is none other than the CUJO Smart Firewall.

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Main Features Of The CUJO Smart Firewall

o Mobile app access (App Store, Google Play).
o 24/7 security operations center monitors home threats.
o Applies machine-learning / artificial intelligence security to protect your home.
o Protects against the latest and most-sophisticated malware and viruses, malicious sites, and home hacking.
o Protects devices connected to your network: From personal computers to light bulbs.
o Combines device and cloud-based security services. (PRIVATE: meta data hashed and encrypted before analyzed in the cloud)
o No SSL Pinning or DPI over SSL/TLS
o No latency
o Automatic recognition of all connected devices.
o No professional setup needed.
o LIGHTNING FAST (built with 1GB Ethernet)

CUJO Smart Firewall

Best Buy sent me a CUJO Smart Firewall, and set-up was a breeze. The package includes the CUJO device, a 3′ long ethernet cable, an AC power adapter, and an information card. Now, configuring may be a bit complicated, but the team at CUJO has included in-depth instructions via the mobile app, their website, and a tutorial video.

If you need further assistance, you have access to tech support via phone, email, video call, and website live chat. Personally, I was able to get the CUJO up and running by following the directions on the mobile app.

Once connected, my CUJO smart firewall immediately got to work locating the devices dispersed throughout my house. We currently have 18 different devices connected to our home network (more on the way), and it’s an awesome feeling knowing that they’re shielded against outside intrusion. This one device secures all my devices connected to my WiFi router!

CUJO Smart Firewall Parental Controls Features

As a father of four, I’m also concerned about managing their time spent online and protecting them against inappropriate content. The CUJO Smart Firewall includes several comprehensive features for parents to use to both control internet access with precision, and protect their children from unwanted online content:

o Parental controls for all devices
o Internet filter
o Time limits
o Social media monitoring
o Pause internet
o Alerts and reporting
o Remote administration
o User profiles and settings

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In addition to the notifications you’ll receive via the CUJO mobile app, the “eyes” on the front of the device light up to indicate current status (see images above). When you combine that feature with the fact that this device operates with artificial intelligence, it gives me my kids the feeling that there’s now a robot in the house watching over our home network!

The CUJO Smart Firewall device is available for $249; that price includes a free subscription that gives you access to all of the features listed above.

Click here to head on over to Best Buy to learn much more and to purchase your CUJO, and with it, Business-Level Internet Security For Your Home, today!

Disclosure: I get commissions for purchases made through Apple and Best Buy affiliate links in this article.

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