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Build A Volcano With This Genius Tutorial!


This article is sponsored by The Genius of Play. All opinions are my own.

I can remember making a pretend volcano as a kid, using a small cardboard cone, and mixing vinegar and baking soda. It was very simple to make, but at the time I thought it was the coolest thing to do. Fast-forward 30-something years… I have four kids who are now just as amazed at the simplest things as I was. In particular, my oldest is fascinated with volcanoes and has been wanting to make one.

My kids and I recently built our own working “volcano”, and I want to share our experience with you!

Genius of Play

The experts at The Genius of Play have created a super-cool volcano-making tutorial, which involves making your own natural play dough! This is the tutorial that we used, and it resulted in a great volcano for us to play with. Click on the link above and follow the steps! You can see our progress as shown in the slideshow below:

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There’s obviously more to this volcano that my simple cardboard cone, but this tutorial isn’t difficult at all. The dough was easy to make, and as the instructions mention, you’ll likely need to add water as you mix the ingredients.

I did do a couple things differently, such as mixing the ingredients on a flat piece of wood on my workbench, and painting the volcano after the dough dried a bit. My son insisted that we paint it, which was fine! It was another fun way for him to contribute, and it added to the finished look. Once completed, I used a putty knife to separate the bottom of the volcano as I lifted it off the wood, so any dough that was stuck wouldn’t tear off.

When it came time for the “eruption” the kids had a ball! My oldest daughter had the honor of creating the first eruption, which is shown in the video below.

Be sure to visit The Genius of Play for tons of great meaningful play ideas and advice from leaders in child education.

Have you and your kids built your own volcano? Share your experience with us in the comments below!

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