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Encourage Creativity With Tech Toys And Kits


Disclosure: This article is sponsored by The Genius of Play. All opinions are my own.

Like many parents, we allow our kids to have some screen time during the day. While each of our kids love gadgets and technology, our oldest has developed quite a curiosity for how tech works. I’m, of course, thrilled because he’s engaging his creative mind beyond the game that’s being displayed on the screen.

We, as parents, are doing our best to encourage this creativity by providing fuel for his mind, in the form of books, tech toys, and tech kits. And since this learning and experimenting is also routinely a part of his playtime, it’s both engaging and fun.

I love how The Genius of Play explains how play can increase creativity:

“Whether it’s a make-believe game or an arts & crafts activity, play provides children the freedom to explore new possibilities and think outside the box … to come up with unique ideas as well as creative solutions to challenges they face.”

Indeed, we’ve noticed that after several years of building and experimenting with various tech gamed and kits that are designed for children, our 9-year-old has developed quite a sharp mind and an even greater proficiency with technology, even bypassing us in some ways! He’s also using what he’s learned in other ways, such as creative problem solving.

He’s also developed a tendency to be a leader among his siblings, and constantly tries to help solve their problems.

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His 2-year-old brother has been following in his footsteps and is developing the same curiosity, not only for tech, but also for tinkering and building things. Some of their favorite toys are robots that you can build and program with a phone or tablet. And when they’re not creating and building toys, they’re tearing them apart to find out how it works. Every day is an adventure for them!

The things they’re learning now are skills that will stay with them for life! That’s why when it comes to play, we’ll continue to look for toys and games that will enrich, along with toys that mainly provide silly fun.

Which tech toys do your kids love to play with? Tell us in the comments!

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