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The Millennium Falcon Owner’s Workshop Manual

Millennium Falcon Owner’s Workshop Manual

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.

As you know, I’m someone who likes to take on my own vehicle maintenance and repairs. I can’t do it alone, though, and throughout the years have relied on the supremely helpful Haynes auto repair manuals. I own several, in fact. Once we purchase a new vehicle, one of the next things I buy is the corresponding repair manual. So I’m very familiar with the publication.

When I found out about the Haynes/Star Wars: Millennium Falcon Owner’s Workshop Manual, I was excited! A book that combined my favorite manual and one of my favorite Star Wars ships? I’m game. With all that said, here are my impressions of this Star Wars publication:

One word I’d use to describe this book is: Fun! Flipping through the beautifully illustrated pages turned me back into the kid that loves Star Wars. There is a perfect mix of text and images. Millennium Falcon enthusiasts can easily spend a few hours and lose themselves in this book.

Every major function of the ship is described in detail, from cockpit controls, weapons and combat techniques to hyperdrive functions and escape pods. Included among the technical jargon is a nice history of the Falcon, including past owners and variations of the ship model. There’s also quite a few shots from the movies themselves, which provides a nice reference to accompany the illustrations.

Speaking of illustrations, wow! This book is packed full of beautifully rendered images. I literally had to tear myself away from each page. From cover to cover, this book is a satisfying treat for the eyes.

This really is a cool book that kids and Falcon enthusiasts will enjoy. I can foresee the reader wearing out the pristine pages because of constant use; this book will be looked at constantly and enjoyed every time. I’ve got the book, now all I need is the ship!

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