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Being A Father: My Story


I won’t lie, becoming a Father was quite scary. I had to watch my wife go through many difficulties; our first son was born quite early and when he was born he was ushered off into the NICU. He was so tiny. His 4lb 1oz little body could easily fit into my two hands. The bond of love was strong but so were the other overwhelming emotions. It was terrifying. I wanted to give him the best that I possibly could.

Those days are almost a distant memory of ten years ago. My oldest son will be turning ten in February and since those early days, we have had three more children. Each time proved to be a little less scary than the first; I’m not sure if it was simply knowing what to expect a little more or if as a father I had gotten used to having a baby around.

I grew up as an only child. Thus, having a child that needed to be cared for, nurtured, and loved was an adjustment.

As a father my heart swells watching them learn new things and discovering the world and how things work. When that tiny light goes off in their eyes, when something clicks, in those moments I think it is all worth the difficult moments.

Like most parents, I desire for my children to be happy. I want them to grow up to be self-sufficient, confident adults. I want them to be good people from the heart, filled with kindness and laughter. My wife tends to be the rather serious parent in our home, so she has given me the job to be the keeper of the laughter. We love to play, joke, and dance about. My heart is content and happiest at those moments seeing their little faces filled with happiness.


I look forward to teaching them so many things. Although we often find our days filled with building Legos, Duplos and blocks, I can’t wait for the time when I teach them how to use power tools. Yes, that will be a huge proud father moment for me. I can’t wait to teach my oldest how to use our electric lawn mower this summer. There are so many things I look forward to teaching them all.

The last ten years have gone so fast and I certainly don’t want to miss out on the little moments before it’s too late. Our youngest just turned two and it’s amazing how fast he has learned so many things. He has his colors down, most numbers under twenty, and 67, his current favorite number. I’m trying to soak it all in since it is our last.

Most nights, I am in charge of bath time for the baby and it is a time that we use to bond. Caleb has loved the water for as long as I can remember. He loves taking showers but also loves to swim in the bathtub. For some kiddos it is getting a bath that causes tears… for our water baby it is getting out of the water that often causes tears! Some days, after we are finished washing, I’ll add in a couple of squirts of baby Dove to add bubbles to extend bath time.


All of our children have extremely sensitive skin, which is why I love using the new baby Dove. All the products from the line are hypoallergenic, a huge plus for us! The tip to toe wash was made specifically with our littlest ones in mind because it is tear free, which is truly vital for bath time with little ones.

My skin is currently extremely dry, but did you know after baths, a baby’s skin can lose moisture 5 times faster than our own? That’s crazy to think about but why the baby Dove line was created. The tip to toe wash has a PH neutral formula that cleanses but also help replenish essential nutrients to help your little one’s precious skin retain its natural moisture. The baby Dove lotion is the perfect companion providing 24 hours of moisture and softness.

Whether it is diaper changes or bath time, baby Dove wants to help you soak in those precious moments with your baby.

While I have learned over the years that fatherhood has its challenging moments, I wouldn’t want to trade it in for any other job. I’m incredibly proud of the little people my children are becoming. Today, just like the day they were born, I only want what is best for them. Each day the ride is uncertain, but I’m happy I get the title of “Dad” so I can be along to enjoy it.


What is one thing you look forward to teaching your own children?

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