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I Absolutely LOVE My JORD Wood Watch!

JORD Wood Watch

Disclosure: I received a JORD wood watch as part of a recent collaboration on Instagram. All opinions are my own.

Most of you probably know by now that I love working with wood in my DIY projects. I love all types, including new lumber, beat-up pallet wood, and old barn wood. For one, the project options are nearly limitless, and secondly, I love the look and feel of finished wood products in general.

One day I stumbled across an advertisement featuring a wood watch by JORD. To say that I was blown away is an understatement. I didn’t buy one at the time, but I was very impressed and definitely kept a purchase in my mind for the future.

Imagine my surprise when JORD contacted me about a collaboration! As part of the partnership, I received my own JORD wood watch… the CONWAY series – Kosso and Midnight Blue.

The wood, Kosso, is sourced from Nigeria and is typically used for fuel, medicinal purposes, woodworking material, and is useful as a nitrogen-fixing plant that helps to improve nutrient-depleted farming land. The craftsmanship of this Kosso wood/sapphire crystal glass watch is simply stunning. This is by far the best watch I’ve ever owned.

Check out the photos below; they are the ones I used for my JORD Instagram giveaway campaign.

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So, who is JORD? Well, Three brothers decided to build a “better” wooden watch company, after one received a gift in Europe, but as a designer, he thought he might be able to do it better. Fast forward three and a half years and they’re one of the biggest wooden watch companies, with what they think are the most cutting-edge designs, and most versatility of (ethically-sourced and sustainable) materials.

They also reclaim furniture remnants, too, on the more exotic woods like rosewood in which there are CITES procedures about them, and they’re constantly innovating.

Go to https://www.woodwatches.com/ to see their collection of wood watches for yourself!

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