DIY Rustic Pallet Wood Shutters

DIY Pallet Wood Shutters

Bryan Fiveash

Husband, father, DIYer. About me

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Painted Rustic Pallet Wood Shutters
DIY Rustic Pallet Wood Shutters

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This rustic pallet wood shutter design is available to order now.

Rustic pallet wood shutters are one of the easiest things you can make with reclaimed pallet wood.

In this article, I’ll tell you how I make shutters that are used for non-functioning interior wall decor. If you’d simply rather buy these type of shutters, be sure to visit my Etsy shop by clicking the link above! These shutters are also featured on The Home Depot Blog.

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Tools, Supplies, PPE, and Steps



  • Gator 120 Grit Sand Sheet

  • Pallet Wood

Personal Protective Equipment


Time needed:?2 hours.

How To Make DIY Rustic Pallet Wood Shutters

  1. Pick the pallets and dismantle them. We’re only using the decking, not the stringers.

  2. If you want to keep any nails, cut them off from the back of the boards and grind down any stubs sticking out.

  3. Cut the boards to the desired lengths.

  4. Lightly sand the entire surface of the boards and round off all the board edges.

  5. Add a bead of Gorilla wood glue to the back of top and bottom rail boards, then nail them to the three stile boards.

  6. (Optional) Paint the shutters with Rust-Oleum Linen White Chalked paint.

  7. (Optional) Complete finishing by applying Rust-Oleum Chalked Protective Topcoat.

Making The Rustic Pallet Wood Shutters

  • DIY Project Pallets
  • Cutting Pallet Wood Nails
  • Grinding Pallet Wood Nails
  • Pallet Wood Stack

I only use reclaimed pallet decking when I make these shutters. I pick out boards that have splits, cracks, knots, rough saw marks, and even water stains. The more distressed, the better!


The measurements for these shutters as pictured are 17″ W x 24″ H x 1 3/4″ D.


Not much sanding is needed for these shutters. Use a 120 grit sanding sheet and lightly sand the front and back surfaces. I also sand the board edges to round them off.

I try to keep as many nails as possible in the pallet wood because the nail heads add nicely to the rustic look. Turn the boards over, cut the nails as close to the wood as possible, then grind them flush to the wood.


Once the boards are cut, lay the three stile boards down, glue the back of the top and bottom rail boards, and lay the rail boards on the front of the stile boards.

Nail the rail boards to the stile boards. You could also screw into the rail boards from the back of the three stile boards; just be sure to drill pilot holes for the screws.


You can paint the shutters or simply leave the wood in its natural state. For the painted versions, I use Rust-Oleum Linen White Chalked paint, then Rust-Oleum Chalked protective topcoat.

I Love Rustic Pallet Wood Shutters!

  • Painted Pallet Wood Shutters
  • Pallet Wood Shutter Detail
  • Natural Rustic Pallet Wood Shutters

I absolutely love the distressed look pallet wood. If you’re looking to make your own shutters, I hope this article has given you plenty of inspiration!

If you’re looking to buy shutters like these, please be sure to check out my Esty shop! I would love to make these for you.

Do It Yourself Daddy

Bryan Fiveash

Bryan is a husband of 17 years and a father of four. He worked in various construction trades in his younger years and more recently was a General Manager for a hand-forged iron furniture store and restaurant.

For several years he has worked full time on this blog and has partnered with various brands including The Home Depot, QUIKRETE, Ryobi, Sinkology, Rust-Oleum, Wagner, BEHR, Disney, Best Buy, and many more.

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