How To Remove A Bent Nail

Bent Nail

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If you’ve ever taken on any kind of building project, remodel, or construction, you likely have come across a bent nail. It’s a common issue that most of the time can be handled easily with a hammer.

However, in my experience, there have been times when a bent nail was too stubborn to fix with a hammer alone. Read on to see how I sometimes use an easy trick to deal with a bent nail.

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Tools and Steps



Time needed: 5 minutes.

How To Remove A Bent Nail

  1. Straighten out the nail with a pair of linesman pliers.

  2. Grip the center of the nail shaft tightly with your pliers.

  3. Now when you strike the nail, you should be able to successfully back it out of the wood.

  4. You can use this technique to drive bent nails into wood as well.

Use Linesman Pliers For Bent Nails

As you can see in my short YouTube video above, using linesman pliers makes the job of removing bent nails much easier. This was a trick I used pretty much daily back in my construction years.

I still use this trick today, especially when I dismantle pallets. It really comes in handy when trying to pull out thinner nails that bend easy.

You can also use this trick when driving a nail. There’s no need to back out a nail and start over with a new one; just use your pliers and finish hammering the nail you started with.

Share Your Tips!

Straightening A Bent Nail

Do you have an awesome tip for removing troublesome nails! Share it with us in the comments below!

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