My Home Depot Style Challenge

DIY Tealight Candle Holder

One of my most treasured partnerships is with The Home Depot. I have been a customer of theirs for 20+ years; partnering with them as a blogger really is second nature to me. As you can imagine, when I was approached with the opportunity to participate in a Home Depot Style Challenge, I was excited and said yes!

DIY Log Tealight Candle Holder

DIY Tealight Candle Holder

From picking out a log and cutting it own to the desired length, to creating the votive candle holes, this project only took me about 10 minutes to complete!

Read on to see how you too make make a simple log tea light candle holder.

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Limitless Walls Bedroom Transformation

Limitless Walls Butterflies

We plan to add more of these world-class murals to our home. For now, our girls will get to enjoy their massive butterflies and flowers! This new wall mural has completely changed the look of their bedroom and should provide inspiration for countless hours of imaginative play.

Read on to see our Limitless Walls experience.

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DIY Swing Set Chicken Pen

Swing Set Chicken Pen

If you have an old swing set lying around, instead of getting rid of it, one option is to turn it into a chicken pen! That’s exactly what we did and it works great for our hens.

Read on to see more of my DIY swing set chicken pen.

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Taking On A Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen Remodel

Here’s a breakdown of our kitchen remodel:

  • Uninstall a cooktop and replace it with a stainless steel gas cooktop/range.
  • Upgrade our old fridge to a new, stainless steel model.
  • Reface all cabinet doors and drawer fronts.
  • Install a small cabinet space in-between a wall and the new range.
  • Install a few shelves where the wall oven used to sit.
  • Remove a cabinet above the fridge.
  • Repair some cracked cabinet doors.
  • Install new hardware for the cabinet doors and drawers.
  • Paint the walls and cabinets.
  • Install a tile backsplash.
  • Make and install concrete countertops.
  • Install new flooring.

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How To Build A Cardboard Box Drone Base

Cardboard Box Drone Base

Our kids love to build things out of cardboard! Building crafts with cardboard is easy, fun, and usually very low cost, especially if you can get the cardboard for free. Our kids are also homeschooled, and they enjoy school assignments that involve craft-building. We wanted to share our latest project with you: A cardboard box drone base!

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