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Earthwise 16-Inch Electric Tiller, Cultivator Review

We’ve always had an interest in gardening and growing our own vegetables. However, for the past several years, with my wife and I working full-time jobs and caring for four kids, there never seemed to be time to care for a garden.

My how times have changed! We’re still very busy as usual, but the current world situation has motivated us to become more self-sufficient, especially regarding food. We don’t have a large yard but it’s big enough for a few garden plots, and over the past several weeks, that’s exactly what we created.

Gardening Made Easy With This DIY Mobile Elevated Planter

Gardening is fun and is essential for producing healthy, organic food! This DIY mobile elevated planter is great if you’re limited on space for a garden, or if you’d like a much more convenient height to cultivate your plants. In this article, I’ll show you how to build a large planter that you can wheel […]